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\Of many of the web pieces privileged for my tinkering with, Weebly is one of the mostefficient website creators I’ve seen. Weebly is a webware which helps you create, edit, and publish your own free website! There are many different features to Weebly that allow for complete customization. This webware has very many drag and drop items-for me that’s the best thing in putting things in the appropriate order. There is also a page creator where you create pages to put on to one’s website that are name-able and can be dragged into the order of your choosing. The last feature (of many) that I enjoyed very much was the ability to choose a designated design to coordinate with your theme.

There are two main features which impressed me most would have to be the easy usage of the elements and the ability to put maps and other helpful widgets directly on to the sight. First is the dragging and dropping of the elements. “Elements” are things like text-boxes, title boxes, picture and paragraph boxes, and multiple other basic choices crucial to getting information on to the web page. Of course, having a bit of OCD for certain things means that I love that being able to organize my information as I like and however the consumers of my information will comprehend it best. The second peculiarity that is very helpful to me is the widgets! With them I am able to post in videos and even maps! Now people can actually get directions to wherever the place is without so much as opening a new Internet window helping business very much!\
You can view the website I created for a good friend of mine by clicking here. I created the basic outline for this website within a few short minutes. I began with the elements-putting them into place, then a map, then I put a little information into the text-boxes because they looked a bit too bare. Afterwards, I created a couple pages to go onto the site, all of which work quite well and put up some title to remind me what other information I wanted posted in the rest of the text windows.
Everyone and everything has something they could work on right? For me it’s my sentence fluency and for Weebly it’s their few design options. That’s right, out of all thing wonderful things they had I found it quite adamant that they did not have a very wide variety of designs to choose from. Being spoiled by customizable everything, I would love to see a customizable design and/or a (more) widely extended variety of designs to select from carefully. Aside form few designs, there’s nothing that really needs to be changed so far.
This amazing webware definitely deserves a thumbs up-from me at least. The Blog Herald also agrees to a thumbs up! Click here to read their review!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy Weebly too!  :D

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  1. Celeste says:

    Wow. I’ve never heard about a site that allows a user to make their own websites. I think it is pretty nifty–meaning it’s cool to make your own site! I will be using this possibly soon. THANKS for the heads up I never heard about something like this!!! =]

  2. h7brionna93 says:

    You did a really good job on explaining this webware. But as I was reading your explanation on this webware it interested me the most when your said that it allows users to create (make) their own websites. After reding about this webware I strongly feel that I’am going to most likely be checking out this website, so thanks a lot for letting me know so clearly about this website!!!!!!!!:)

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